Category Gross Profit Margin
Producer34.39 %
Distributor39.11 %
Overall36.77 %
145 Cr
570 Cr
Worldwide Net

460 Cr

Domestic Net

310 Cr

Nbr of Screens
Ali Abbas Zafar
Adithya Chopra
Music Director
Salman Khan, Anushka Sharma, Randeep Hooda, Amit Sadh
Release Date
168 Minutes

Sultan - Financial Analysis

  • Producer Analysis

  • Amount in Cr
  • Revenue
    • Distributor Sales
      • Worldwide Distribution Rights
    • Satellite Rights
    • 65.00
    • Music Rights
    • 15.00
    • Home Video+etc
    • 4.00
  • Total Revenue
  • Expenses
    • Cost of Production
    • 70.00
    • Total Remunerations
    • 55.00
    • Cost of Marketing
    • 20.00
  • Total Expenses
  • Producer Gain
    76.00 Cr
  • Gross Profit Margin
    34.39 %

Distributor Analysis

Distributor Share
(Amount in Cr)
(Amount in Cr)
(Amount in Cr)
Gross Profit Margin
Worldwide Distribution Rights 225.00 137.00 88.00 39.11 %
Total 225.00 137.00 88.00 39.11 %
The following shows what distribution method each territory is distributed through. The Profit/Loss column in the distributor analysis table is calculated based off of which distribution method a territory is distributed through. This makes it so that a distributor's profit is not always calculated by subtracting "Rights" from "Share". Indian Movie Stats focuses on four different distribution methods: Non Refundable Advance, Minimum Guarantee, Advance Basis, and Own Release.

Non Refundable Advance
Worldwide Distribution Rights

Sultan - Box Office Collection

Sultan grossed a total of 570 crores worldwide after four weeks at the box office. The film is set to finish third domestically and worldwide when comparing to Hindi films. When including all Indian films, it will finish fourth domestically as Baahubali will be included. Sultan will soon cross the 300 crore net mark becoming the third hindi film to do so and the second Salman Khan film to do so. The movie made records for a Salman Khan film in south India with Karnataka, Andhra/TG, Tamil Nadu, and Kerala very strong. Other traditional Hindi markets were below Bajrangi Bhaijaan and PK but still put up great numbers. The film grossed a total of 410.5 crores in India. Overseas the film will fall behind Bajrangi Bhaijaan as well with the North America and UK market being the main reason for it as Sultan fell way behind Bajrangi Bhaijaan there. Other terrritories were excellent for a Salman Khan film with Pakistan even setting a record for Indian films grossing 21 crores there being the first film to do so. Malaysia, Singapore, and New Zealand also set records for Salman Khan. The film grossed a total of 159 crores overseas coming to a total of about 570 crores worldwide.


Region Amount in Cr
Mumbai Circuit 128.50
Delhi/UP 92.50
East Punjab 40.50
Karnataka 23.00
Andhra/TG 22.75
Rajasthan 23.50
West Bengal 19.00
CP/Berar 21.25
CI 13.50
Bihar 10.25
Tamil Nadu 5.75
Assam 3.00
Kerala 3.25
Orissa 3.75
Total 410.50


Region Amount in Cr
UAE/GCC 57.50
USA 32.50
Pakistan 21.00
UK 15.50
Canada 8.75
Australia 6.75
Nepal 4.00
New Zealand 3.00
Malaysia 2.75
South Africa 1.25
Singapore 1.00
Mauritius 0.75
France 0.67
Indonesia 0.34
Germany 0.33
Netherlands 0.33
Switzerland 0.33
Denmark 0.25
Norway 0.25
Italy 0.25
Rest of Europe 0.50
Rest of the World 1.00
Total 159.00

Sultan - First Day Collection

Sultan opened to a huge response at the box office all across India. The film held the second highest opening after Prem Ratan Dhan Payo in India and held the third biggest opening overseas for an Indian film after Dilwale and Dhoom 3. Worldwide Sultan created the record for an Indian film grossing 71 crores worldwide. Despite the Pre-Eid effect, Sultan broke records for an Indian film which is northing short of a huge achievement. That too the film was a midweek release releasing on a Wedensday. The film was declared one amongst the 10th biggest openings for a Hindi film this decade making it the 5th Salman Khan starrer in the list. The only other actor closest has 2 films in the list which is Sharukh Khan. Sultan created all time records in East Punjab, Karnataka, and Odisha for a Hindi film but failde to do so anywhere else. The film didn’t have much of an opening in Gujarat and Saurashtra in the Mumbai Circuit and Uttar Pradesh in Delhi/UP when comparing to other films whhich took a huge opening. Nevertheless, Sultan is of course an opening that hasn’t been seen for a while in India.


Region Amount in Cr
Mumbai Circuit 19.00
Delhi/UP 7.25
East Punjab 4.00
Karnataka 3.50
Rajasthan 3.00
CP/Berar 2.75
Andhra/TG 3.00
West Bengal 2.75
CI 1.75
Tamil Nadu/Kerala 1.25
Bihar 1.25
Assam 0.50
Orissa 0.75
Total 50.75


Region Amount in Cr
UAE 5.38
GCC 3.75
USA/Canada 3.37
Pakistan 2.25
UK 2.00
Australia 0.77
Rest of the World 2.73
Total 20.25