All Time Blockbuster

7 Cr
41 Cr
Worldwide Net

34 Cr

Domestic Net

30 Cr

Nbr of Screens
A. M. Rathnam
Music Director
Vijay, Trisha, Prakash Raj
Release Date
168 Minutes

Ghilli - Box Office Collection

Ghilli was a film that surprised many in the trade circle as it went on to have a long effective run at the Tamil Nadu box office. It eventually surpassed Padayapaa to become the highest grossing film in the state. For almost 5 years, Padyappa was the benchmark for the Taml film industry. In the early 2000s, both Rajini and Shankar each had reached their lows after “Baba” was declared a disaster in 2002 and “Boys” doing average business in 2003. This was when Vijay filled the void temporarily and was at the peak of his career. Ghilli made Vijay an A-list actor and started a great track record for him all the way until Azhagiya Tamil Magan in 2007.

Ghilli also had a magnificent run abroad as well. The movie grossed near $500,000 in the Malaysian market being the first non-Rajini/Kamal film to do so. Vijay’s film grossed about S$300,000 in Singapore. The movie grossed $100,000 in both the UK and the UAE.

The United Kingdom proved to later be a great market for Vijay with his subsequent films running well. Currently he is the only actor to have as much success in Europe as Rajini. Because Europe is a traditional Tamil market (Having Tamil films taste success since the late 80s), many trade analysts trace back Vijay’s current market from the success of Ghilli.

In Sri Lanka, Ghilli had a great run and grossed near a massive 77 lakhs despite having its tickets priced lesser than Rajini films (Padayappa Sri Lanka Gross - 1.10 Cr). The movie remains as a favorite among the Tamil diaspora in Sri Lanka. Vijay is currently the number 1 Indian actor in Sri Lanka and most of the credit for that title comes from Ghilli’s stupendous success.

Box Office Notes

  • Set the record for highest grossing film in Tamil Nadu.
  • Set the record for highest grossing non-malayalam film in Kerala.
  • Chennai City Gross - 3.8 Cr (1.7 Cr Share).
  • Tamil Nadu Distributor Share - 17 Cr.
  • First Vijay film to gross over 30 crores worldwide.
  • First Vijay film to gross over $1 million in the overseas market ($1.25M).
  • Celebrated a 50-day run in 106 theaters in Tamil Nadu.
  • Celebrated a 100-day run in 45 theaters in Tamil Nadu.
  • Celebrated a 175-day run in 10 theaters in Tamil Nadu.
  • Celebrated a 300-day run in 1 theater in Tamil Nadu.


Region Amount in Cr
Tamil Nadu 29.50
Kerala 4.00
Karnataka 1.20
Rest of India 0.30
Total 35.00


Region Amount in Cr
Malaysia 2.20
USA 0.18
UK 0.44
UAE 0.44
GCC 0.10
Canada 0.20
Sri Lanka 0.77
Singapore 0.78
Rest of Europe 0.29
Rest of the World 0.10
Total 5.50