Above Average


Category Gross Profit Margin
Producer34.09 %
Distributor-2.68 %
Overall18.61 %
51 Cr
98 Cr
Worldwide Net

84 Cr

Domestic Net

70 Cr

Nbr of Screens
Surender Reddy
Allu Aravind, N. V. Prasad
Music Director
Hiphop Tamizha
Ram Charan, Arvind Swamy, Rakul Preet Singh
Release Date
165 Minutes

Dhruva - Financial Analysis

  • Producer Analysis

  • Amount in Cr
  • Revenue
    • Distributor Sales
      • Andhra/TG
      • Karnataka
      • Tamil Nadu
      • Rest of India
      • USA
      • Rest of the World
    • Satellite Rights (Telugu)
    • 9.50
    • Satellite Rights (Hindi)
    • 7.00
    • Music Rights
    • 0.50
    • Home Video+etc
    • 1.25
    • Other Revenue
    • 1.25
  • Total Revenue
  • Expenses
    • Remuneration
      • Ram Charan
      • Surender Reddy
      • Aravind Swamy
      • Rakul Preet Singh
      • P. S. Vinod
      • Hiphop Tamizha
      • Other Key Technicians
    • Production/Shooting Expenses
    • 19.00
    • Publicity Expenses
    • 5.00
    • Other Expenses
    • 3.25
  • Total Expenses
  • Producer Gain
    26.25 Cr
  • Gross Profit Margin
    34.09 %

Distributor Analysis

Distributor Share
(Amount in Cr)
(Amount in Cr)
(Amount in Cr)
Gross Profit Margin
Andhra/TG 40.65 43.50 -2.85 -7.01 %
Karnataka 6.50 6.50 0.00 0.00 %
Tamil Nadu 0.47 0.60 -0.13 -27.66 %
Rest of India 0.90 0.60 0.30 33.33 %
USA 5.50 5.30 0.20 3.64 %
Rest of the World 1.98 1.00 0.98 49.49 %
Total 56.00 57.50 -1.50 -2.68 %
The following shows what distribution method each territory is distributed through. The Profit/Loss column in the distributor analysis table is calculated based off of which distribution method a territory is distributed through. This makes it so that a distributor's profit is not always calculated by subtracting "Rights" from "Share". Indian Movie Stats focuses on four different distribution methods: Non Refundable Advance, Minimum Guarantee, Advance Basis, and Own Release.

Non Refundable Advance
Andhra/TG, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Rest of India, USA, Rest of the World

Dhruva - Box Office Collection

After a decent opening, Dhruva continued to get satisfactory reports from audiences. Despite the good word of mouth, Dhruva’s numbers were not enough for it to break-even. B and C centers were reported to be a bit poor compared to the performance in A centers. The opening itself affected the film’s overall outcome as well.
Other territories like Karnataka, rest of India, and overseas terrotiries were all profitable. Karnataka had a huge response becomming the 5th highest grossing Telugu film in the state. Andhra/TG suffered minor losses while Tamil Nadu faced losses due to the fact it was a remake of a Tamil film.
In the end it did become Ram Charan’s highest grosser worldwide grossing over 97 crores. Without Demonestication affecting it though it could have been Ram Charan’s second 100 crore movie after Magadheera. Dhruva became the 9th highest grossing Telugu film worldwide and the 10th highest in the two Telugu states. It was the third highest grossing Telugu film of 2016 only behind Janatha Garage and Sarrainodu. A great comeback for Ram Charan.


Region Amount in Cr
Andhra/TG 66.50
Karnataka 13.00
Tamil Nadu (Telugu) 1.20
Rest of India 2.25
Total 82.95


Region Amount in Cr
USA 10.00
UAE 1.75
GCC 1.25
Australia 0.96
UK 0.47
Germany 0.19
Canada 0.17
Singapore 0.17
Malaysia 0.02
Rest of Europe 0.12
Rest of the World 0.20
Total 15.30

Dhruva - First Weekend Collection

Dhruva, as expected, picked up over the weekend putting up record numbers for a Ram Charan film to collect on its second or third day at the box office. Despite the first day being a bit below par and not upto the standards, the weekend numbers were very strong even with demonetisation affecting it. With positive responses from critics and audiences alike, Dhruva is looking to become Ram Charan’s comeback in terms of audience satisfaction and box office success. The film grossed a total of about 47 crores worldwide already becoming Ram Charan’s highest grosser in the overseas market. It is expected to break many more records for the actor later on as well.


Region Amount in Cr
Andhra/TG 28.50
Karnataka 7.50
Tamil Nadu (Telugu) 0.75
Rest of India 1.25
Total 38.00


Region Amount in Cr
USA 6.50
Canada 0.10
UAE 0.90
GCC 0.20
Australia 0.80
UK 0.40
Rest of Europe 0.10
Rest of the World 0.25
Total 9.25

Dhruva - First Day Collection

Dhruva opened to a very positive response from critics with most stating it Ram Charan’s best film after Magadheera. Word of mouth from audiences seem to be decent as well. But to the demonetisation factor and poor publicity, the film didn’t open as expected at the box office. Still the movie managed to put up 22 crores on its first day despite all the issues. Dhruva officially became the 9th highest opening film in Andhra/TG and is set to pick up in the weekend when word of mouth comes into play.


Region Amount in Cr
Andhra/TG 12.20
Karnataka 3.00
Tamil Nadu (Telugu) 0.25
Rest of India 0.35
Total 15.80


Region Amount in Cr
USA 3.20
Gulf 0.35
Australia 0.40
Europe 0.20
Rest of the World 0.15
Total 4.30