Jai Lava Kusa

Jai Lava Kusa



Category Gross Profit Margin
Producer52.78 %
Distributor-19.63 %
Overall25.03 %
54 Cr
125 Cr
Worldwide Net

106 Cr

Domestic Net

91 Cr

Nbr of Screens
K. S. Ravindra
Nandamuri Kalyan Ram
Music Director
Devi Sri Prasad
N. T. Rama Rao Jr., Raashi Khanna, Nivetha Thomas
Release Date
145 Minutes

Jai Lava Kusa - Box Office Collection

After the success of Janatha Garage, much was expected out of Jr. Ntr. Theatrical rights amounted to nearly 85 crores for Jai Lava Kusa. The movie was able to have a grand opening at the box office and continued with success over the first week. After the second weekend, Jai Lava Kusa’s numbers hinted that the movie will close below Janatha Garage, resulting in a decent amount of losses for distributors and exhibitors. This ensured movie will close with the “Average” verdict.

A decent number of areas turned out to be profitable despite the majority of areas having losses. Thanks to the ticket hike in Tamil Nadu (Due to GST), Jai Lava Kusa was able to take full advantage of it and grossed nearly 2.7 crores over the course of 2 weeks in the state. The movie is the third highest grossing Telugu film after Baahubali 2 and Baahubali in the state (When considering only Telugu versions of Telugu films). Jr. Ntr’s film was also profitable in North India with the opening supporting the film’s success. Australia, Europe, Singapore, and other small overseas territories put up great numbers for a Jr. NTR film and became the actor’s highest grossers in those territories surpassing Janatha Garage.

Jai Lava Kusa was able to prove Jr. Ntr’s healthy position in the Telugu market post Janatha Garage. He can be even be declared as the 3rd most bankable Telugu star for stake holders after Chiranjeevi and Pawan Kalyan (For a big actor). Despite Jai Lava Kusa being a “Average” at the box office, trade can start to expect big numbers from Jr. Ntr’s upcoming films.

Despite the positives of Jai Lava Kusa’s run, one cannot hide the fact that the movie caused significant losses for the majority of its buyers. Including P&P costs, the movie has esimtated losses near 14 crores to distributors alone.

Jai Lava Kusa finished with a global gross of 124.08 crores becoming Jr. Ntr’s 2nd highest grosser, 9th highest Telugu grosser, and 20th highest South Indian grosser.

  • USA Gross of 10.25 crores includes Non-Rentrak reported numbers (All Estimated). Rentrak reported approximately 10.1 crores.
  • Overseas Total in USD - $2.45M.
  • Total Worldwide Gross - 124.66 crores.
  • Total Worldwide Gross in the traditional approach (When Fixed Hires affect total gross numbers.) - 135 crores.


Region Amount in Cr
Andhra/TS 89.50
Karnataka 14.37
Tamil Nadu 2.70
Rest of India 2.25
Total 108.82


Region Amount in Cr
USA 10.25
UAE 1.30
GCC 0.70
Australia 1.60
UK 0.55
Canada 0.45
Singapore 0.40
Germany 0.21
New Zealand 0.15
Malaysia 0.03
Rest of Europe 0.15
Rest of the World 0.05
Total 15.84

Jai Lava Kusa - Financial Analysis

  • Producer Analysis

  • Amount in Cr
  • Revenue
    • Distributor Sales
      • Andhra/TS
      • Overseas
      • Karnataka
      • Tamil Nadu
      • Rest of India
    • Satellite Rights (Telugu)
    • 13.00
    • Satellite Rights (Hindi)
    • 10.90
    • Other Revenue
    • 5.00
    • Home Video+etc
    • 1.50
    • Music Rights
    • 1.30
  • Total Revenue
  • Expenses
    • Remuneration
      • Jr. Ntr
      • Other Remunerations
      • Devi Sri Prasad
      • Nivedha Thomas
      • Raashi Khanna
    • Production/Shooting Expenses
    • 17.75
    • Publicity Expenses
    • 5.00
    • Other Expenses
    • 3.50
  • Total Expenses
  • Producer Gain
    62.85 Cr
  • Gross Profit Margin
    53.79 %

Distributor Analysis

Distributor Share
(Amount in Cr)
(Amount in Cr)
(Amount in Cr)
Gross Profit Margin
Andhra/TS 54.82 66.75 -11.93 -21.76 %
Overseas 7.25 8.50 -1.25 -17.24 %
Karnataka 7.20 8.10 -0.90 -12.50 %
Tamil Nadu 1.08 1.00 0.08 7.41 %
Rest of India 0.90 0.80 0.10 11.11 %
Total 71.25 85.15 -13.90 -19.51 %
The following shows what distribution method each territory is distributed through. The Profit/Loss column in the distributor analysis table is calculated based off of which distribution method a territory is distributed through. This makes it so that a distributor's profit is not always calculated by subtracting "Rights" from "Share". Indian Movie Stats focuses on four different distribution methods: Non Refundable Advance, Minimum Guarantee, Advance Basis, and Own Release.

Non Refundable Advance
Andhra/TS, Overseas, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Rest of India

Jai Lava Kusa - First Weekend Collection


Region Amount in Cr
Andhra/TS 53.53
Karnataka 10.20
Tamil Nadu (Telugu) 2.00
Rest of India 1.75
Total 67.48


Region Amount in Cr
USA 9.25
UAE 1.25
GCC 0.65
Australia 0.90
UK 0.45
Canada 0.35
Singapore 0.30
Germany 0.19
New Zealand 0.15
Malaysia 0.03
Rest of Europe 0.15
Rest of the World 0.05
Total 13.72

Jai Lava Kusa - First Day Collection

  • Biggest opening for a Jr. Ntr film in Andhra/TS.
  • 6th biggest opening in Andhra/TS.
  • Held a Distributor Share of 20.09 crores in Andhra/TS including Fixed Hires.
  • Held a Distributor Share of 3.25 crores in Karnataka with 1.55 crore Fixed Hires.
  • Held a Distributor Share of 32 lacs in Tamil Nadu.
  • Held a Distributor Share of 23 lacs in the rest of India.
  • Total India Distributor Share - 23.89 crores.
  • Total Worldwide Distributor Share - 26.66 crores.
  • Total Worldwide gross - 35.03 crores.
  • Total Worldwide gross in the traditional approach (When adding Fixed Hires to the 1st day collection) - 40 crores.
  • USA Gross of 5 crores (Premier+Thursday) includes non-rentrak reported numbers (All Estimated). Rentrak reported 4.82 crores from 174 locations.


Region Amount in Cr
Andhra/TS 23.50
Karnataka 4.00
Tamil Nadu (Telugu) 0.70
Rest of India 0.60
Total 28.80


Region Amount in Cr
USA 5.00
Australia 0.43
Middle East 0.75
Europe 0.30
Rest of the World 0.45
Total 6.93