Category Gross Profit Margin
Producer35.71 %
Distributor-107.73 %
Overall-3.03 %
100 Cr
88 Cr
Worldwide Net

75 Cr

Domestic Net

59 Cr

Nbr of Screens
Trivikram Srinivas
S. Radha Krishna
Music Director
Anirudh Ravichander
Pawan Kalyan, Keerthy Suresh, Anu Emmanuel
Release Date
158 Minutes

Agnyaathavaasi - Box Office Collection

Agnyaathavaasi closes with a cume total of nearly 87.91 crores globally. It grossed 70.45 crores in India and USD$2.74M (17.46 Cr) abroad. It suffered huge losses for buyers and is the biggest lost Tollywood has ever faced. After a huge first day, Agnyathavaasi had a never seen before drop grossing less than double of its first day numbers by the end of its run. Many overseas territories had stopped scheduling shows for the film after 7 days. Most of its business in Indian territories outside of Andhra/TS were closed by the end of its first week as well. With all this, unfortunately, Agnyaathavaasi finished as yet another loss venture for Pawan Kalyan.

Andhra/TS Performance

  • Day 1 Total - 29.10 Crores
  • 5 Days Total - 45.50 Crores
  • 7 Days Total - 56.25 Crores
  • Closing Total - 59.00 Crores
Agnyaathavaasi is Pawan Kalyan’s 4th highest grosser globally and his 5th highest grosser in Andhra/TS. It is also the 20th highest grossing Telugu film of all time.


Region Amount in Cr
Andhra/TS 59.00
Karnataka 8.75
Tamil Nadu 1.40
Rest of India 1.30
Total 70.45


Region Amount in Cr
USA 13.20
UAE 1.10
GCC 0.44
Australia 1.00
UK 0.48
Singapore 0.48
Canada 0.36
Germany 0.19
Rest of Europe 0.12
Rest of the World 0.09
Total 17.46

Agnyaathavaasi - Financial Analysis

  • Producer Analysis

  • Amount in Cr
  • Revenue
    • Distributor Sales
      • Andhra/TS
      • Overseas
      • Karnataka
      • Rest of India
      • Tamil Nadu
    • Satellite Rights (Telugu)
    • 19.50
    • Satellite Rights (Hindi)
    • 11.00
    • Music Rights
    • 2.00
    • Home Video+etc
    • 1.50
    • Audio Launch Rights
    • 1.00
    • Other Revenue
    • 1.00
  • Total Revenue
  • Expenses
    • Remuneration
      • Pawan Kalyan
      • Trivikram Srinivas
      • V. Manikandan
      • Other Key Technichians
      • Anirudh
      • Keerthy Suresh
    • Production/Shooting Expenses
    • 31.00
    • Publicity Expenses
    • 6.00
    • Other Expenses
    • 4.00
  • Total Expenses
  • Producer Gain
    55.55 Cr
  • Gross Profit Margin
    35.71 %

Distributor Analysis

Distributor Share
(Amount in Cr)
(Amount in Cr)
(Amount in Cr)
Gross Profit Margin
Andhra/TS 40.50 88.00 -47.50 -117.28 %
Overseas 9.35 19.00 -9.65 -103.21 %
Karnataka 6.40 10.80 -4.40 -68.75 %
Tamil Nadu 0.66 0.75 -0.09 -13.64 %
Rest of India 0.64 1.00 -0.36 -56.25 %
Total 57.55 119.55 -62.00 -107.73 %
The following shows what distribution method each territory is distributed through. The Profit/Loss column in the distributor analysis table is calculated based off of which distribution method a territory is distributed through. This makes it so that a distributor's profit is not always calculated by subtracting "Rights" from "Share". Indian Movie Stats focuses on four different distribution methods: Non Refundable Advance, Minimum Guarantee, Advance Basis, and Own Release.

Non Refundable Advance
Overseas, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Rest of India

Agnyaathavaasi - First Weekend Collection

Agnyaathavaasi grossed a total of 73.28 crores from five days at the box office. It accumulated 56.40 crores domestically and USD$2.65M (16.88 Crores) abroad. Pawan Kalyan’s film, though setting records for the actor and crew, dropped drastically at the box office following its bad word of mouth. Despite the five day weekend, the movie was not able to place itself among the top 10 opening weekend grossers for south Indian movies.

Agnyaathavaasi will end up as a huge loss venture for buyers as theatrical rights amounted to nearly 120 crores. Andhra/TS righs were bought for nearly 88 crores and so far the film has only earned a distributor share of nearly 35.50 crores. The same can be said with all other territories as well.

Agnyaathavaasi grossed 16.40 crores in Andhra/TS from the four days after its first day, a number only a bit more than half of its Day 1 gross. With this drop being consistent throughout all domestic territories, Agnyaathavaasi has started Tollywood off to a poor 2018.

After a grand Day 1, Agnyaathavaasi not only dropped at the domestic box office but the overseas markets as well. After grossing 12.66 crores on its 1st day (Including Tuesday Premiers), Pawan Kalyan’s film only managed to add on another 4.22 crores to get to its 5 day total.


Region Amount in Cr
Andhra/TS 45.50
Karnataka 8.50
Tamil Nadu 1.25
Rest of India 1.15
Total 56.40


Region Amount in Cr
USA 12.60
UAE 1.09
GCC 0.44
Australia 1.05
UK 0.48
Singapore 0.47
Canada 0.35
Germany 0.19
Rest of Europe 0.12
Rest of the World 0.09
Total 16.88

Agnyaathavaasi - First Day Collection

Agnyaathavaasi grossed a total of 48.21 crores from its first day worldwide including its overseas premiers from Tuesday. It grossed 35.55 crores domestically and USD$1.98M (12.66 Crores) abroad. Pawan Kalyan’s film recorded the highest non-Baahubali opening for a Telugu film globally.

Agnyaathavaasi is the fourth biggest south Indian domestic opener behind Baahubali 2, Kabali, and Baahubali. Globally it is the 5th biggest south Indian opener falling right below Mersal.

Agnyaathavaasi managed to become the third biggest Indian opener in the USA with it grossing USD$1.52M from premier shows in nearly 500 locations across the country. The Trivikram directional grossed a huge A$120K in its first day in Australia having the 3rd biggest south Indian opening in the country behind Mersal and Baahubali 2. Other locations such as Singapore, Canada, Europe, and the Middle East held record opening for Pawan Kalyan.

Even though numbers are huge, even more was expected from the film as it had a huge price tag. Negative word of mouth from audiences is expected to slow the film down significantly as well.


Region Amount in Cr
Andhra/TS 29.10
Karnataka 5.00
Tamil Nadu 0.75
Rest of India 0.70
Total 35.55


Region Amount in Cr
USA 10.68
UAE 0.35
GCC 0.14
Australia 0.60
UK 0.27
Canada 0.20
Singapore 0.19
Germany 0.11
Rest of Europe 0.07
Rest of the World 0.05
Total 12.66