64 Cr
Worldwide Net

54 Cr

Domestic Net

42 Cr

Nbr of Screens
G. Ashok
V. Vamsi Krishna Reddy, Pramod
Music Director
S. Thaman
Anushka Shetty, Unni Mukundan, Jayaram, Asha Sarath
Release Date
142 Minutes

Bhaagamathie - Box Office Collection

Bhaagamathie grossed nearly 64 crores globally by the end of its theatrical run becoming actor Anushka’s 3rd highest grosser at the box office behind Rudhramadevi and Arundhati. The film raked great profits for the producer from its Telugu version with most areas having an own release. The Tamil version on the other hand faired very poorly in India with a poor 55% recovery for distributors. Bhaagamathie grossed 50.60 crores domestically and USD$2.04M (13.10 Crores) abroad.

Bhaagamathie once again proved Anushka’s durability in the film industry as a solo female heroine. Bhaagamathie’s box office numbers can be easily compared to numbers of top heroes in the south Indian film industries. The film put up many records for a female-oriented film such as:

  • First south Indian female-oriented USD$1M grosser in the USA.
  • Biggest female-oriented opener in Tamil Nadu.
  • 2nd biggest female-oriented opener in south India.
  • 3rd highest grossing female-oriented film in south India.
  • Highest grossing female-oriented south Indian film overseas.
Distributor Share Breakup
  • Andhra/TS Distributor Share - 20.25 crores.
  • Karnataka Distributor Share - 2.75 crores.
  • Tamil Nadu Distributor Share - 3.52 crores.
  • Kerala Distributor Share - 1.08 crores.
  • Rest of India Distributor Share - 0.24 crores.
  • USA Distributor Share - 3.18 crores.
  • Rest of Overseas Distributor Share - 2.51 crores.
  • Total Worldwide Distributor Share - 33.53 crores.
  • Total Worldwide Gross - 63.70 crores.


Region Amount in Cr
Andhra/TS 33.70
Karnataka 6.90
Tamil Nadu 6.90
Kerala 2.50
Rest of India 0.60
Total 50.60


Region Amount in Cr
USA 7.11
Malaysia 2.88
UAE 0.42
GCC 0.23
Australia 0.52
UK (Telugu) 0.19
UK (Tamil) 0.01
Canada 0.11
Singapore (Telugu) 0.10
Germany 0.07
Rest of Europe 0.03
Rest of the World (Tamil) 1.38
Rest of the World (Telugu) 0.05
Total 13.10

Bhaagamathie - First Weekend Collection

Bhaagamathie had a great three day weekend holding the 2nd biggest opening weekend for a heroine oriented film in south India, a great feat for Anushka. It grossed 28.35 crores in India and USD$1.2M (7.65 Cr) abroad. The movie is rapidly heading toward the break-even mark in its Telugu version. Bhaagamathie’s Tamil version put up decent figures in the weekend but its upcoming days at the box office will put a great test for the film.

Bhaagamathie’s first weekend worldwide total amounted to nearly 36 crores.


Region Amount in Cr
Andhra/TS 19.00
Tamil Nadu 4.50
Karnataka 3.22
Kerala 1.23
Rest of India 0.40
Total 28.35


Region Amount in Cr
USA 4.52
Malaysia 1.32
UAE 0.35
GCC 0.19
Australia 0.37
UK (Telugu) 0.15
UK (Tamil) 0.01
Canada 0.09
Singapore 0.08
Germany 0.06
Rest of Europe 0.03
Rest of the World (Telugu) 0.05
Rest of the World (Tamil) 0.43
Total 7.65