Category Gross Profit Margin
Producer17.68 %
Distributor-7.55 %
Overall9.94 %
139 Cr
154 Cr
Worldwide Net

130 Cr

Domestic Net

87 Cr

Nbr of Screens
Pa. Ranjith
Music Director
Santhosh Narayanan
Rajini,Nana Patekar,Samuthirakani,Easwari Rao,Huma Qureshi
Release Date
159 Minutes

Kaala - Box Office Collection

Kaala finished with a total gross near 154 crores worldwide becoming Rajinikanth's 3rd highest earner after Enthiran and Kabali. It grossed 104.90 crores domestically and USD$7.29M (49.35cr) abroad. Ranjith's sociopolitical drama closed as the 6th highest grossing Tamil film of all time (7th including Baahubali 2's Tamil version).

Rajini failed to deliver great returns at the ticket counters with figures falling well below the standards of a "Superstar" film. Fortunatley, Kaala released rather on advance basis or directly by Dhanush in a majority of its circuits. This reduced much of the loss the film could have potentially caused for distributors.

Kaala grossed 59.50 crores in Tamil Nadu with a 35 crore distributor share. It grossed 11.50 crores in Chennai City, 14.25 crores in the Chengalpet Circuit, and 9.50 crores in the Coimbatore Circuit. Box office numbers were poor in southern regions with territories like the TK circuit contributing only 2.90 crores.

Tamil Nadu Performance

  • Day 1 - 11.97 crores
  • 1st Weekend Total (4 Days) - 37 crores
  • 1st Week Total (7 Days) - 45 crores
  • 2 Weeks Total (14 Days) - 55.50 crores
  • 18 Days Total - 57.50 crores
  • Closing Total - 58.60 Crores
The lukewarm performance at the box office left a few exhibitors (Theater Owners) with losses ranging from 30% to 80%. Theater owners were hurt the most in Andhra/TS and Kerala. Kaala held great losses in North India and the overseas market as well. It was a complete disaster in Europe and Sri Lanka. Contrasingly, Kaala faired decently in Karnataka becoming the 4th highest grossing Tamil film there.

Rajini and Rajnith's 2nd duo together is given the "Average" verdict for its poor collections and significant losses it caused for exhibitors. This makes Kaala Rajinikanth's 4th loss venture in a row.


Region Amount in Cr
Tamil Nadu 58.60
Karnataka 13.50
Andhra/TS 13.30
Kerala 7.00
Hindi Version 9.50
North India (Tamil) 2.50
North India (Telugu) 0.50
Total 104.90


Region Amount in Cr
Malaysia 12.43
USA 12.95
UK 1.87
UAE 6.26
GCC 2.69
Australia 2.55
Canada 1.62
Singapore 4.09
Sri Lanka 1.80
France 0.87
Switzerland 0.68
South Africa 0.25
Norway 0.12
Ireland 0.12
Rest of Europe 0.78
Rest of the World 0.27
Total 49.35

Kaala - Financial Analysis

  • Producer Analysis

  • Amount in Cr
  • Revenue
    • Satellite + Digital Rights
    • 83.00
    • Producer Share
      • Tamil Nadu
      • Andhra/TS
      • Karnataka
      • Overseas
      • Kerala
    • Distributor Sales
      • Overseas
      • Rest of India
      • Tamil Nadu
    • Music Rights
    • 2.00
    • Other Revenue
    • 2.00
    • Home Video + Etc.
    • 1.50
  • Total Revenue
  • Expenses
    • Remuneration
      • Rajinikanth
      • Other Key Technicians
      • Pa Ranjith
      • G. Murali
      • Santhosh Narayanan
    • Financing cost
    • 25.08
    • Production/Shooting Expenses
    • 25.00
    • Publicity Expenses
    • 9.00
    • Facilitation Fees
    • 6.00
  • Total Expenses
  • Producer Gain
    29.87 Cr
  • Gross Profit Margin
    17.68 %

Distributor Analysis

Distributor Share
(Amount in Cr)
(Amount in Cr)
(Amount in Cr)
Gross Profit Margin
Tamil Nadu 32.45 59.00 3.98 12.27 %
Overseas 20.65 25.00 -9.30 -45.04 %
Andhra/TS 7.50 0.00 0.75 10.00 %
Karnataka 6.00 0.00 0.60 10.00 %
Rest of India 5.00 7.00 -2.00 -40.00 %
Kerala 3.20 0.00 0.32 10.00 %
Total 74.80 91.00 -5.65 -7.55 %
The following shows what distribution method each territory is distributed through. The Profit/Loss column in the distributor analysis table is calculated based off of which distribution method a territory is distributed through. This makes it so that a distributor's profit is not always calculated by subtracting "Rights" from "Share". Indian Movie Stats focuses on four different distribution methods: Non Refundable Advance, Minimum Guarantee, Advance Basis, and Own Release.

Minimum Guarantee
Tamil Nadu - South Arcot
Advance Basis
Tamil Nadu - Chengalpet,Tamil Nadu - City,Tamil Nadu - Coimbatore,Tamil Nadu - Madurai,Tamil Nadu - North Arcot,Tamil Nadu - Salem,Tamil Nadu - TK,Tamil Nadu - TT
Overseas - ROW, Rest of India
Own Release
Overseas - USA, Andhra/TS, Karnataka, Kerala

Kaala - First Weekend Collection

Kaala earned 105.85 crores in its opening weekend. The film opened to a lukewarm response all over India and its foreign markets. It grossed 68.79 crores domestically and USD$5.49M (37.06cr) internationally - mediocre for a Rajini film.

Kaala grossed 37 crores in Tamil Nadu over 4 days. Considering its poor 1st day, Kaala did not drop significantly. But nevertheless, 37 crores is a poor number. The film fared well in northern regions in Tamil Nadu including Chennai City and the Chengalpattu district. But southern regions with more B&C centers had a very poor response from moviegoers. Kaala was poor in other domestic circuits too. It dropped drastically in Andhra/TS with its 1st day contributing 47% to its four days total. Kerala was even worse. The film’s Hindi version did not drop over the weekend, however, it still put up a very low figure compared to what Kabali’s Hindi version did back in 2016. Contrastingly, Kaala’s Tamil and Telugu versions fared decently in northern circuits. Kaala also found a decent opening in the neighboring state Karnataka despite the limited release on its 1st day.

Kaala fell below the standards of a Rajini film in foreign markets. The film grossed USD$1,625,150 [10.98cr] from the USA. Though the film is already the 3rd highest Tamil grosser in the country, the opening is still below par for a Rajini film. Kabali grossed a huge USD$3.65M in its three-day opening weekend back in 2016. Here is a breakup of Kaala’s box office numbers in key international markets:

  • USA - USD$1.63M
  • Malaysia - USD$1.05M
  • UAE - USD$775K
  • GCC - USD$350K
  • Singapore - SGD$646K
  • Australia - A$402K
  • Canada - USD$208.5K
  • UK - USD$212K
  • Sri Lanka - USD$185K
  • France - €82,278
  • Total Overseas Gross - USD$5.49M
Kaala was the first Indian film to release in Saudi Arabia after the country lifted its ban on movies. It was also the first Tamil film to have a professional release in Russia after 40 years. According to inside reports, Kaala had a good response in Saudi Arabia and Russia but unfortunately box office numbers were not disclosed from these areas. Hence, our reported overseas total does not include the film’s income from Saudi Arabia and Russia.

Currently, Kaala is tracking to close with a total cume substandard for a Rajini film. Fortunately, the film released rather on advance basis or directly by the producer in a majority of its circuits. This will reduce much of the loss the film could have potentially caused for distributors.

Kaala - First Day Collection

Kaala grossed a total near 34 crores on its 1st day (Inclusive of its overseas premiers on Wednesday). It registered 21.19 cores domestically and USD$1.92M (12.97) internationally. Kaala’s opening was less than half of Rajini’s previous film, Kabali. Ranjith’s film opened well across A centers while having a lukewarm response in B and C centers. Several reasons are behind the movie’s poor response including its lack of pre-release buzz, the failure of Kabali, and Rajinikanth’s recent political statements.

Kaala grossed 11.97 crores in Tamil Nadu. It did fantastic in Chennai City setting an all time record by grossing 1.76 crores on its 1st day. The Changalpattu district brought decent returns while all other territories failed to please the trade. Kaala holds the 8th highest 1st day gross in Tamil Nadu - a very poor feat for a Rajini film. Other territories - Andhra/TS, Kerala, and Hindi circuits - also returned below par figures. In Karnataka, Kaala had a very limited release thanks to a ban staged over the film’s release in the state.

Tamil Nadu Breakup

  • Chennai City - 1.76 Crores
  • Chengalpet Circuit - 2.95 Crores
  • Coimbatore Circuit - 1.82 Crores
  • Madurai Circuit - 1.33 Crores
  • North/South Arcot Circuit - 1.55 Crores
  • TT Circuit - 0.97 Crores
  • Salem Circuit - 1.05 Crores
  • TK Circuit - 0.54 Crores
Total Tamil Nadu Approx. 11.97 Crores.

Kaala grossed USD$1.92M from its Wednesday premiers and its Thursday release. It is the 3rd biggest opening for a Tamil film after Kabali and Mersal. Kaala fell well below Kabali as the latter grossed near 37 crores from its overseas premiers and 1st day. Here is a breakup of Kaala’s box office numbers in key international markets:
  • USA - USD$520K
  • Malaysia - USD$340K
  • Middle East - USD$375K
  • Singapore - SGD$318K
  • Australia - A$106K
  • UK - £53,450
  • Total Overseas Gross - USD$1.92M
Note - Saudi Arabia and Russia are not included in Kaala’s overseas total


Region Amount in Cr
Tamil Nadu 11.97
Andhra/TS (Telugu) 5.25
Kerala 1.63
Hindi Version 1.39
Karnataka 0.50
Rest of India 0.45
Total 21.19


Region Amount in Cr
Malaysia 2.29
USA 3.51
UK 0.48
Middle East 2.53
Australia 0.55
France 0.40
Canada 0.37
Singapore 1.61
Sri Lanka 0.65
Rest of Europe 0.37
Rest of the World 0.21
Total 12.97